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  • portfolio item

    Journal Article in Land Use Policy

    The price of knowledge in the knowledge economy: Should development of peatland in the UK support a research levy?

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    Peat Levy Introduction (video)

    Prof. Susan Waldron introduces the idea of a levy on peatland development to fund peatland research to support peatland managment decision making

  • portfolio item

    Peat Levy Discussion (video)

    A discussion focusing on the value of a peatland development levy to fund applied research into peatlands and inform peatland managment.

  • portfolio item

    Peat Levy Introduction

    Following the discussion, here we explore how a levy on peatland disturbance could help fund evidence-based management of peatlands and what the impacts of such a levy might be on economic development.

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    Peat Levy Discussion

    Transcript of the discussion

  • portfolio item

    Slideshow of Peat Levy Introduction

    The introductory powerpoint presentation by Prof. Susan Waldron of Glasgow University outlining the basis for a levy.