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This page provides access to an ArcGIS database showing the spatial distribution aquatic carbon flux datasets for the UK. It was created by researchers at the James Hutton Institute as part of a research contract commissioned by SNIFFER’s Environmental Regulation Programme.

This meta-database was a key output of the SNIFFER project. However, the meta-data it contains is limited to those data holders who responded to a data solicitation survey. It provides information for the:

  • Evaluation of the geographical distribution of data records from different sources at a national (UK) level.
  • Identification of where simultaneous measurements of a range of aquatic C forms exist.
  • Determination of the quality of the data sets for fulfilling various research and policy needs from the meta-data parameters provided (crucially, this includes the UK resource available to determine the role of aquatic C fluxes in the UK C budget).

This information is thoroughly explored in the project report that was also produced as part of this research project. This meta-database is a useful tool for those conducting research or developing policy or guidance in the UK related to aquatic carbon fluxes and/or peatlands.

The meta-database is provided in two very different formats:


A robust GIS meta-database
(zipped ~10mb)

64Px - 195

Guidance (GIS)


A basic spreadsheet (MS Excel)


Guidance (MS Excel)


It is hoped that new metadata can be added to the meta-database as they become available. However, there currently is no facility to do so.

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